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What does Circle Wisconsin do?

As a statewide destination marketing organization we facilitate connections between our members and the group travel industry.

The vision and mission of Circle Wisconsin is to increase awareness and boost revenue for our members through increasing motor coach & group related visits.

How does having a Membership benefit me?

Your membership is a tool to market to tour operators and group leaders representing niche markets such as seniors, religious, students, banks, family reunions and more.

Your membership also provides exposure at regional, national and international group travel related conferences/events.

What comes with my Membership with Circle Wisconsin?

We offer several levels of membership tailored to your type of organization and its needs. The different levels of membership provide differing amounts and types of exposure.

We invite you to browse the options below and contact us with any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I expect to see results from my membership in Circle Wisconsin with increased motor coach traffic?

Most tour operators plan their overnight (extended) itineraries 12-18 months in advance. Day trips usually are planned 6 – 12 months in advance. It could be up to two years before they book at your location. Please note that Circle Wisconsin does not booked or plan any tours, we provide information to tour planners for one-day and extended tours itineraries. Circle Wisconsin promotes and markets our members to tour planners through a variety of mediums. Know that Circle Wisconsin has in some way influenced a tour planner’s itineraries by: meeting with Circle at an industry event, Midwest Marketplace, the annual tour planner, advertisements, social media or contact with our office.


What should I do to increase motor coach traffic?

Follow up on leads provided in e-newsletters, create an effective profile sheet, place an ad in Circle Wisconsin Tour Planner, attend CW Midwest Marketplace and other industry shows (conferences), create a visible presence, and use social media as effectively as possible.


How does the Tour Planner help my business?

The Tour Planner is distributed to over 20,000 tour operators throughout the U.S. and Canada. Your listing tells potential visitors about your attraction(s). The contact information lets them know who handles group destinations. In addition, every member gets mentioned in an article or itinerary in the Tour Planner.


Is my listing in the Circle Wisconsin Tour Planner the same as an ad?

No. Your listing is included in your membership. It includes a description of your business, your logo and contact information. An ad is a separate placement within the magazine meant to increase awareness of your business. This is handled separately by Premier Travel Media, our publisher.


What can I do locally to make my business known?

Attend local meetings and functions. Also work with your DMO to promote your business.


What shows should I attend?

Regional shows should include Circle Wisconsin Midwest Marketplace and the Circle Wisconsin Annual Meeting/Summit. Talk to us about other shows depending on your attraction. National shows (as budget allows) include ABA and NTA. Others, again depend on individual needs. We are happy to talk to you about which shows would be most beneficial to you.


How do I access the Leads from the shows Circle Wisconsin attends?

The Leads are only available to Premier Members. They can be accessed through the e-newsletter which is sent out several times a year. The password for the Leads is included next to the link for the Leads. The password changes with each e-newsletter and is always all CAPS.


Download Membership Information & Application




Return the completed application by mail to: Circle Wisconsin, PO Box 20750, Milwaukee  WI  53220

or by email to:

Email listing description, logo, and up to 5 images to:

To schedule, an in-person meeting or zoom call contact our office at 414.545.1100 or email



The comments in the e-newsletter leads do not mention my area. Does that mean that tour operators are not interested in coming to see me?

Not at all. They may not know about you. You should follow up with them and introduce yourself and your area. Invite them to see what great things you have to offer groups.


What is a profile sheet and why is it important?

A profile is an advertisement for your business. It provides tour operators with information about who you are and what you can do for groups. We have enclosed a sample in this packet.


How can pictures help and what should I do to use them to my advantage?

Pictures tell a story. Take pictures of your groups whenever possible. A picture of a motor coach outside your attraction tells tour operators that you are ready for them. We need high-resolution and low-resolution photos, so send whatever you have. They may be used on our website, our Facebook page, and even in the future Tour Planner, our Circle Wisconsin profile sheet and/or our ads.



How can social media and Circle Wisconsin work to help?

You should have a Facebook page describing your business. Invite people to “LIKE” your page, post interesting happenings along with pictures often-especially groups or motor coaches to increase awareness. Create a website (local high schools and technical colleges can often help with this).



How do I change information/pictures on the Circle Wisconsin website?

Call or email our office with new pictures, information, and contacts.



I have a special event scheduled. How can I get this information out there?

Let Circle Wisconsin know. We can help get the word out on our social media pages. Circle Wisconsin also has a special event/ festival membership level for annual events.



How does Circle Wisconsin use social media to promote my attraction?

Circle Wisconsin actively shares information on Facebook on our members, events, fun facts and more.   



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