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The following are the Circle Wisconsin prospects/leads/contacts from the conferences and advertisement inquiries.  In the note section of the conference lists, are cliff notes of the conversation during the appointment.   Although your organization/region may not be mentioned,  please introduce your organization to the operator/planner for possible future tours.  If there are no notes, this appointment was a general inquiry and needs information from everyone.   It can be just a simple email introduction with a link to your website or a letter with your brochure.

American Bus Association (ABA)

6 minutes appointments w/ Tour Operators

Premier Travel Media

Leisure Group Travel Magazine inquiries from advertising

Circle Wisconsin Midwest Marketplace

6-minute appointments w/ Tour Operators/Planners, Bank Travel Directors, Senior Centers, and Park & Recs

National Tour Association (NTA)

7-minute appointments w/ tour operators

Sales Missions - Office Visits

In-person office visits

Select Travel & Group Travel Family

6-minute appointments w/ Bank Travel Program Directors

Heritage Peer

6-minute appointments w/ Bank Travel Program Directors

Travel Alliance Partners (TAP)

25 minute group appointments

  • TAP Partners
Ontario Motorcoach Association (OMCA)

6-minute appointments with Canadian Tour Operators


Going on Faith

6-minute appointments with Faith Based Operators.  

2023 GOF Leads