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ABA – American Bus Association; comprised of bus companies, operators, owners, tour suppliers and bus manufacturers & suppliers

ATTRACTIONS -Any visitor service or product which tourists would enjoy visiting like museums, historic sites, performing arts centers, farms, casinos, churches, etc.

BANK TRAVEL – A tour offered to members of a bank club who usually must meet specific requirements to belong.

BLOCK – A group of rooms, seats, or space reserved in advance by tour operators who intend to sell them as components of a tour package.

• BUSINESS TRAVEL – Travel for commercial, governmental or educational purposes with leisure as a secondary motivation.

• BUYER – A member of the travel trade who reserves room blocks from accommodations or coordinated the development of a travel product.

• CARRIER – A company that provides transportation services, such as motorcoach companies, airlines, cruise lines and rental car agencies.

• CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (COC) – Typically, a Chamber of Commerce will specialize in local economic development that can include tourism promotion.

• CHARTER – A motorcoach which is “rented” for a specific purpose ie: tour, sports event, family reunion.

• CONVENTION and VISITORS BUREAU (CVB) – Local tourism marketing organizations specializing in developing conventions, meetings, conferences and tourism to a city, county or region.

CO-OP ADVERTISING – Advertising funded by two or more destinations and/or suppliers.

• CO-OP MARKETING – Marketing programs involving two or more participating companies, institutions or organizations.

• DAY TRIP – An escorted or unescorted tour that lasts less than 24 hours and usually departs and returns on the same day.

• DEPOSIT POLICY – A specified amount or a percentage of the total bill due on a specified date prior to arrival.

• DESTINATION – The end point of a trip. This can be a town, a resort or a stand- alone attraction. The place to which a traveler is going; or any city, area, region or country being marketed as a single entity to tourists.

• DESTINATION MARKETING COMPANY ( DMC) – A for profit company that operates similar to a CVB by providing planning and execution services for the convention and meeting market.

• DESTINATION MARKETING ORGANIZATION (DMO) – Local tourism marketing companies involved in increasing tourism to a city, area or region.

• DOCENT – A tour guide who works free of charge at a museum.

• DOUBLE OCCUPANCY – The price per person for a room to be shared with another person; the rate most frequently quoted in tour brochures.

• DRIVER-GUIDE – A tour guide who does double duty by driving a vehicle while narrating.

• ECONOMIC IMPACT STUDY – Research into the dollars generated by an industry and how these dollars impact the economy through direct spending and the indirect impact of additional job creation and the generation of income and tax revenue.

• ESCORT – A person, usually employed by a tour operator, who accompanies a tour from departure to return as a guide or troubleshooter; or a person who performs such functions only at the destination. The terms host escort or host are often used.

• FAMILIARIZATION (FAM) TOUR – A complimentary or reduced rate organized trip for tour operators, travel agents, travel writers, or other members of the travel trade for the purpose of educating and familiarizing them with the tourisms destinations. By seeing the destinations where they are sending travelers, the travel trade is better prepared to answer customer questions and promote travel to the location.

• FREE – FREQUENT – FORIEGN INDEPENDENT TRAVEL ( FIT) – Individual travel in which a tour operator has previously arranged blocks of rooms at various destinations for use by individual travelers. These individuals travel independently, not in a group, usually by rental car or public transportation.

• FLY/DRIVE TOUR – A tour in which travelers fly into a destination and then drive usually via motorcoach, to the places they will visit on the tour.

• GATEWAY CITY – A major airport, seaport, rail or bus center through which tourists enter from outside the region/country.

• GROUP LEADER – A person who has been given the responsibility of coordinating tour and travel arrangements for a group. The group leader may act as a liaison to a tour operator or may develop a tour independently and sometimes serve as the tour director. Churches, Senior Centers and Parks & Recreation tours often use a group leader.

• GROUP RATE – A special discounted rate charged by suppliers to groups. Also a negotiated rate for a convention, trade show, meeting, tour or incentive group.

• HEADS IN BEDS – Industry slang referring to the primary marketing objective of most accommodations and destinations: increasing the number of overnight stays.

• HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY – Another term for the travel industry.

• HOTEL ROOM TAX – A tax assessed for overnight stays at lodgings, a portion of which is used to promote tourism within a municipality, county etc. Those municipalities, counties etc. have some discretion as to how the funds will be distributed and used.

• HUB and SPOKE – A destination which serves a central point from which a tour departs to specific attractions/ smaller cities throughout the duration of the tour.

• INCENTIVE TRAVEL – Travel offered as a reward for top performance and the business that develops, markets and operates these programs.

• INCLUSIVE TOUR – A tour program that includes a variety of features for a single rate ( airfare, accommodations, sightseeing, performance etc.)

• IPW – Formerly known as POW WOW – the largest international travel marketplace held in the United States sponsored by the US Travel Association.

• ITINERARY – Travel schedule provided by a tour operator, travel agent or group leader for his/her customer. A preliminary itinerary may be vague or specific. A final itinerary provides all details ( flight numbers, departure times, reservation and confirmation numbers) and describe planned activities.

• LEISURE TRAVEL – Travel for recreation, educational, sightseeing, relaxing and other experiential purposes.

• MOTORCOACH – Deluxe equipment used by most tour operators in group tour programs. Amenities include reclining seats, bathrooms, air conditioning, good lighting and refreshment availability.

• NTA – National Tour Association comprised of domestic/international tour operators and suppliers.

• PACKAGE TOUR – A saleable travel product offering an inclusive price with several elements that would otherwise be purchased separately. Usually has a predetermined price, length of time and features , but can also offer options for separate purchase.

• PRESS/PUBLICITY RELEASE – A news article or feature story written by the subject of the story for delivery and potential placement in the media.

• PRESS TRIPS – Organized trips for travel writers and broadcasters for the purpose of assisting them in developing stories about tourism destinations. Often journalists travel independently, though with the assistance of a DMO.

• RECEPTIVE OPERATOR – Someone who plans to “receive” a motorcoach tour group. They may plan the lodging, meals, attraction visits etc. for a fee or commission. A tour operator specializing in services for incoming visitors such as meeting them at the airport/lodging and facilitating their transfer.

• ROOM BLOCKS – Several rooms held for a group.

• SALES MISSION – Supplier and partners from several DMOs travel together to another state for the purpose of collectively promoting travel to their areas. Sales missions may include educational seminars for tour operators and media.

• SCHEDULED TOUR – A tour that is set in a tour operator’s regular schedule of tour departures and that is often sold to the general public.

• SHOULDER SEASON – Those periods between the peak and off season when destination demand is moderate.

• SIGHSEEING COMPANIES – Organizations that provide local guided tours.

• SIGHTSEEING TOUR – Short excursions of usually a few hours that focus on attraction visits.

• SPLIT ITINERARY – An itinerary in which part of the group does one thing while the other part does something else. They often then switch, particularly when visiting an attraction(s) that cannot accommodate a large group at one time.

• STEP-ON GUIDE – A highly knowledgeable guide who “steps on” an incoming motorcoach and provides narrative interpretation for the experience. Some CVBs offer step-on guides for free. Sometimes an independent company offers this service for a fee.

• SUPPLIER – Those businesses that provide industry products, such as accommodations, attractions, DMOs/CVBs etc.

• SUSTAINABLE TOURISM – According to the World Tourism Organization , ”envisaged as leading to management of all resources in such way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support systems”.

• TARGET MARKET – The group of customers who will be the focus of a company’s marketing efforts.

• THEME TOUR – A tour that is designed around a concept of specific interest to the travelers, such as history or sports.

• TOUR OPERATOR – Develops, markets and operates group travel programs that provide a complete travel experience for one price and includes transportation, accommodations, sightseeing, selected meals and an escort. Tour operators market directly to the consumer ( sometimes through travel agents) and are beginning to be listed on computerizes reservation systems.

• TOURISM – Leisure travel

• TOURIST/VISITOR/TRAVELER – Any person who travels either for leisure or business purposes more than 100 miles ( round-trip) in a day or who stays overnight away from his/her primary domicile.

• TRADE SHOW – A product showcase for a specific industry. Generally it is not open to the public. Differs from a “ Consumer Show” in that a Trade Show targets the professional industry, while a Consumer Show targets consumers.

• TRAVEL SEASONS – Travel industry business cycles including: PEAK– primary travel season; OFF PEAK – Period when business is slowest ; SHOULDER -Period between peak and off peak periods when business is stronger, but has room for growth.

VISITOR CENTER – Travel information center located at a destination to make it easier for visitors to plan their stay or access information; often operated by s CVB, COC or tourism promotion organization.

WAITLIST – A list of clients awaiting transportation or accommodations at times when they are unavailable. Waitlist clients are confirmed as a result of subsequent cancellations.

ABA American Bus Association
BIG Boomers In Groups
GOF Going on Faith
HP Heritage Peer
IMG International Motorcoach Group
IPW Formerly known as US Travel’s Pow Wow
CWMMP or MMP Circle Wisconsin Midwest Marketplace
NAJ North American Journeys
NTA National Tour Association
OMCA Ontario Motor Coach Association
TAP Travel Alliance Partners
UMA United Motorcoatch Assocation
UMCVB Upper Midwest Convention & Visitors Bureaus
WACVB Wisconsin Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus
WASC Wisconsin Association of Senior Centers
WIGCOT Wisconsin Governors Conference on Tourism



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